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Our Process

Passion, matched with purpose. And a process we happen to have down to an art.

You can always expect a thoughtful approach to our work and every choice we make. No third-party designers. No cookie cutter builds. Just a fully custom, immersive experience with a tight-knit team of adaptable experts.


First things first – let’s get acquainted. To build a home that’s truly you, we need to get to know you (and everything you want in a luxury home, of course). Think of it as our collaborative discovery phase, and it’s an important one.

Our team will meet with you about everything from floor plans and square footage goals to high-level design inspiration and amenity must-haves.


Design, engineering, and construction all under one roof has its perks. Like a faster, start-to-finish process. Once your lot is selected, we’ll move on to nailing down your floor plan and drafting your future home.

Our collaborative team of experts will work with you through the sketch approval and preliminary pricing process.


Then, we dig into the design elements. Textures, colors, flooring, paint, fixtures – no detail is overlooked.

We’ll walk you through options and make all selections, without hundreds of back-and-forth phone calls that you typically encounter in the custom build arena.

All orders will be placed ahead of build-time, to keep the process as efficient as possible.


No settling or cutting corners allowed. Normally, that level of excellence means a painfully long build time. But because of how much detail and collaboration happens upfront, construction moves quickly – typically 8-10 months.

Our team will keep you up-to-date on the buildout and coordinate any necessary site visits.


But first, final walkthrough time. Our goal is to have been so in-step and in-tune with your vision, that walkthrough is a walk in the park – leaving you with a custom-built, luxury home that’s made for living. Really living.


251 Old Farm
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331 Old Creek Road
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391 Old Creek Road
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521 Old Creek Road
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Let’s work together

Our unmatched eye for design and build. A team of experts. Your vision.

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